Internal roller blinds

Internal roller blinds


Vivid, colourful, practical – Solution multiplicity

Internal roller blinds are the most popular form of decorative protection against the sun. Their advantages are: simplicity, possibility to install in different places and proved durability.
Different fabrics used for roller blinds such as: mono-coloured, patterned, bedimming, transparent, lace, “day&night” type (duorollo) or traditional shades (Roman blinds) in connection with complete offer of the types encourage arranging them at will.
Guarantee yourselves optimal use of sun light, adequate protection of eyes and comfort of work at the monitor in the working place. Discover multiplicity of use, technical, protective and decorative abilities hidden in such a simple product.


Character: from simple and discrete to resolved and brash solutions – strictly functional to definitely decorative
Purpose: home and office rooms
Use: decorative sun protection and protection against unwanted glances, light reflections, additional thermal isolation, shadowing of the rooms, and increasing comfort at work at monitors and screens
Forms: for rectangular windows: standard and roof
Shading fabric: natural and synthetic fabrics, foils and net-screens, with antistatic, antiseptic and flame retardant values – reflect light, half-shadowing or shadowing, decorative, fabrics “day&night” type (duorollo)
Advantages: easy to use, easy to obtain optimal shadowing, additional acoustic and thermal isolation
Disadvantages: limitation of possibility to regulate the light flow to the kind of the selected transparency of the shading fabric
Cleaning: brushing, moisture cleaning, washing by specialized companies




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