Panel blinds

Panel blinds


Modern design – Rich possibilities

Panel blinds are a combination of vertical wide textile stripes with an upper rod enabling their side movement. This modern designer type of window curtains adds a unique and modern character and can serve as a window curtain as well as a partition of separate functional areas of the room. Rich design and colouring are undoubtedly the advantages of the solution recommended especially for spacious and modern rooms.
The COULISSE® system of panel blinds will meet the expectation of every user who values simplicity in a modern and visually attractive technique.


Character: modern solution dedicated to spacious rooms
Purpouse: office, home and exhibition rooms
Use: decorative sun protection and protection against unwanted glances, for the rooms with large glass show windows
Shapes: rectangular
Shading materials: synthetic fabrics – decorative and for special purposes, in a wide range of colours, with different properties and permeability to light or vertically held aluminum slats
Advantages: different designs of the fabrics with the possibility of using attractive finishing elements such as wooden or aluminum boards, decorative holders or cord bobs
Disadvantages: limited possibility to regulate the light flow, large width of the folder packs of the fabric
Cleaning: brushing, moisture cleaning or washing by a specialized company


Available solutions:

COULISSE ® – System Absolute

Panel blinds- arrangement