Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds


Classical, diverse, stylish – Rich design

Vertical blinds are a modern variation of window curtains which additionally have a possibility to regulate the flow of light due to the function of rotation of the textile stripe. It is possible to manufacture different shapes from rectangular or trapezoidal (with the sloping upper rail or horizontal rail with stepped length of the stripes) to curved-circular, can be adapted to all types of buildings.
A wide range of design and colouring as well as different properties of the accessible materials make them an interesting alternative to users who would like to find a compromise between modernity and tradition.
Choosing the DECOMATIC® system of vertical blinds you obtain a guarantee of the best quality and modernity of the used technology for this range of product.


Character: modern solutions in connection with traditional shape
Purpose: office and home rooms
Use: decorative sun protection and protection against unwanted glances, for the rooms with different shapes of the walls and ceilings
Shapes: rectangular, triangular, trapezoidal, circular
Shading materials: synthetic fabrics – decorative and for special purposes, in a wide range of colours, with different properties and permeability to light or horizontally held aluminum slats
Advantages: different shapes and forms, possibility to regulate the flow of light
Disadvantages: limited possibilities of places to install the blinds
Cleaning: brushing, moisture cleaning or washing by specialized companies


Available solutions:

DECOMATIC® – brochure
DECOMATIC® – Standard
DECOMATIC® – Plafond
DECOMATIC® – Circular

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