Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds


Modern, elegant, stylish – Solution multiplicity

Venetian blinds are one of the most popular products used for decoration and protection of windows against excessive sun light. Their construction enables both rising and falling of the blinds, as well as setting the horizontal slats in any angle in connection with the possibility to choose the optimal width of the slats. It also guarantees the regulation of the sun light flow into the rooms. The use of such different materials as aluminum, natural wood or bamboo allows adding original atmosphere to the room – from modern to classic and stylish. Rich colouring of wooden and aluminum slats makes it possible to adjust and expose the window shade in each room.
Use the full range of possibilities which are given by venetian blinds, regulate the flow of external light in every moment according to your expectations and arrange your room guided by your imagination and likes.



Character: from simple and discrete to brash – strictly functional to definitely decorative
Purpose: office and home rooms
Use: decorative sun protection and protection against unwanted glances, light reflections, additional thermal isolation, shadowing of the rooms, and increasing comfort at work at monitors and screens
Shapes: for standard rectangular windows – it is also possible to manufacture triangular and trapezoidal shapes
Shading material: aluminum, wooden or bamboo slats, 25 or 50 mm width
Advantages: easy to use, easy to obtain optimal shadowing, additional acoustic and thermal isolation
Disadvantages: limited possibility to manufacture shapes other than rectangular; there is an increased tendency to cumulate dust on the horizontal slats, an increased difficulty to keep clean in comparison to other products based on coated and electrostatic resistant textile fabrics
Cleaning: cleaning using a moisture duster or manual or mechanical vacuum cleaning


Available solutions:

Wooden blinds:
Aluminum blinds:
Wooden-aluminum blinds:
STANDARD 25 lub 50 mm / CLASSIC 50 mm

Venetian blinds- arrangement